Medical Students

The Office of Physician-Scientist Career Development is an entry point for medical students interested in exploring research and a career in academic medicine. The Office also works closely with the M.D./Ph.D. Combined Degree Program in providing support and mentorship to its students, who have already made a commitment to pursue a physician-scientist career. The UConn M.D./Ph.D. Program page is an excellent resource for current and prospective students.

Medical students can participate in research opportunities through a variety of options that may span one month to several years, including:

Students are encouraged to contact the Director to discuss these opportunities further.

Selected Grants, Awards, Opportunities

For M.D./Ph.D. Combined Degree Students:

Physician-Scientist Discussion Sessions and Colloquia

Please email to be placed on the distribution list for announcements of these sessions.

Literature Related to the Physician-Scientist Career Path

Career Development Resources

Physician-Scientist Trainee-oriented Conferences