Core Facility Updates

In January 2020, our new Scanco µCT50 went online. In addition to everything users have come to expect from the µCT40, this powerful instrument adds capabilities for higher resolution, tolerating metal implants, and scanning under compression/tension.

We have expanded our computing cluster to include a new workstation for self-service analysis by trained users.

Recent Publications

It is an honor to provide this service to UCHC investigators. The following are examples of studies we are proud to have made a small contribution to:

  • Lee SJ, Lehar A, Meir JU, Koch C, Morgan A, Warren LE, Rydzik R, Youngstrom DW, Chandok H, George J, Gogain J, Michaud M, Stoklasek TA, Liu Y, Germain-Lee EL. Targeting myostatin/activin A protects against skeletal muscle and bone loss during spaceflight. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 117:38. (2020)
  • Rowe DW, Hong SH, Zhang C, Shin DG, Adams DJ, Youngstrom DW, Chen L, Wu Z, Zhou Y, Maye P. Skeletal screening IMPC/KOMP using µCT and computer automated cryohistology: Application to the Efna4 KO mouse line. Bone, 144:e115688. (2021)
  • Garcia J, Smith SS, Drissi H, Hrdlicka HH, Youngstrom DW, Delany AM. miR-433-3p suppresses bone formation and mRNAs critical for osteoblast function in mice. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, ePub ahead of print. (2021)