Scanco µCT40 (Excised Specimens)

  • Field of view 10-40 mm diameter × 70 mm length
  • Spatial Resolution: 6 µm to 40 µm
  • Quantitative analysis of bone architecture
  • Rodent bone morphometry, fracture repair, tissue engineering constructs
  • Contrast-enhanced imaging of tumors and vasculature
  • High-contrast imaging of heavy metal-stained organs, embryos, marrow adipocytes

Scanco VivaCT40 (Live Mice)

  • Mice and small rats
  • Field of view 20-40 mm central diameter × 140 mm length
  • Spatial Resolution: 10 µm to 40 µm
  • Longitudinal quantitation of bone morphometry (best suited for cranial imaging)
  • Contrast-enhanced imaging of vasculature, tumors, etc.

TA Instruments Electroforce (Adams Laboratory – Mechanical Testing)

  • High-resolution, low force, small displacement
  • Axial and rotary actuators (tension, compression, flexure, torsion)
  • Resolution and control to 10 µm in position, 50 mg force