T32 Appointees 2020-2025

Appointments - 2 Years Student Photo Project Description Mentor
November 2023 – October 2025
Bethlehem (Betty) Abebe Biochemical, genomic, and structural analysis on protein complexes involved in cytokinesis in both Fission Yeast and mice to better understand the implications on health and disease. Steven Z. Chou
September 2023 – August 2025 Cullen Clairmont Modeling intracranial germ cell tumors with primordial germ cells derived from genetically engineered human stem cells Ching Lau
September 2023 – August 2025 Rachael Massey Studying how females inactivate one of their X chromosomes (XCI), how some genes escape XCI, and how these genes contribute to sex differences and sex chromosomal disorders. Stefan Pinter
September 2022 – August 2024 Mian Horvath Factors that affect elderly health and gain new research tools that will aid me in conducting research to reduce disease burden among the elderly. Julia Oh
September 2022 – May 2023

Left the Program
Billy Joe Huggins Investigating the molecular mechanisms that govern aging. Blanka Rogina
September 2022 – August 2024 Christopher Pathoulas Studying the genetic basis of diseases in an effort to develop therapeutic strategies that can exploit genotypic differences. Patrick Murphy
November 2021 - October 2023 Elizabeth Szabo Using CRISPR gene editing to model patient-derived MSH6 germline variants in human embryonic stem cells (hESCs). Christopher Heinen
September 2021 - August 2023 Eden Francoeur The extent and impact of intra-species structural variation in complex repeat loci. Christine Beck
September 2021 - August 2023 Monica Dave The role of senescent genetic signatures in early placental development. Paul Robson
August 2020 - July 2022 Rachel Cohn Transcriptomic signatures of senescent cells Ming Xu
August 2020 - July 2022 Ardian Ferraj Detection and effects of structural variation and polymorphic transposable element insertions in diverse mouse genomes. Christine Beck
August 2020 - July 2022 Rachel Gilmore Interrogating ZNF274 mediated repression of the maternal allele 15q11-q13. Justin Cotney