Current areas of research are:

John W. Birk, M.D.

  • Investigation of nanoparticles for ERCP pancreatitis prevention
  • The application of second harmonic generation laser imaging to endoscopy
  • Endoluminal therapy of obesity using gastric balloons
  • Developing new endoscopy products for EGD and ERCP

Houman Rezaizadeh, M.D.

  • RFA for patients with cirrhosis and non-dysplastic Barrett’s esophagus

Haleh Vaziri, M.D.

  • IBD-focused clinical research

George Y. Wu, M.D., Ph.D., and Catherine H. Wu, Ph.D.
Hepatocellular Investigation Laboratory

  • OTC deficiency cell culture models
  • Targeted transplantation of mitochondria to hepatocytes
  • Molecular strategies for the treatment of viral hepatitis
  • Targeted gene delivery and expression in mammalian cells