Application and Pricing

CME Application

CME Application Timeline

In order to receive consideration, the Office of Community and Continuing Medical Education require potential program planners to begin and submit a fully completed CME Package (includes application and supporting documents) at a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the anticipated date of the educational activity.  The application and planning process involves multiple steps that require significant time and effort prior to final submission that may involve some interaction and support from our office.

Initiating the CME Application Process

To initiate a CME Application process, please email  All new CME application requests are required to attend an introductory meeting with our office before completing and submitting a CME application package.  We encourage the Program Activity Director, Program Planners or Program Administrators who will be administering this potential CME offering to attend this introductory meeting.

View our CME Application

To view a sample of our application, please follow the link.  This document is for viewing purposes only, please do not print and complete.  CME Application

CME Pricing

Inquiries regarding pricing about a CME activity, please email our office at