Self-service Instrument Sign Up

Cryostat (fee per hour)
Embedding Station
Microscope with Camera

Please Note

You may only sign up to use the equipment if you have been trained by a member of the Research Histology Core staff.  In addition, the PI and User must be set up in the UConn Health Center Research Store with active FRS accounts in order to be able to sign up for equipment time.

Instructions - How to sign up for equipment time.

  1. Log into the UConn Health Center Research Store using your Health Center ID and password.
  2. On the left hand side of the page choose “Research Histology.”
  3. Click the link to “Browse Catalogue.”
  4. Select “Machine Time.”
  5. Choose the piece of equipment that you would like to sign up to use.
  6. Select “Reserve Time.”
  7. Pick a date and time to use the machine and click “Create a Reservation.”
  8. Please enter your name and phone extension in the “Relevant Info” text box.
  9. Click “Reserve Time” and then “Add to Request."
  10. Select the FRS account to be billed. (Note: The Cryostat will have a fee for use as of July 1, 2011.)
  11. Select “Submit” and then “Submit to FRS”.

***Remember to “FULFILL” your requests after you use the machine.***

  1. Look under “My Reservations.”
  2. Find the request with the time slot you used and click “View Request.”
  3. Then click on “Pending Fulfillment” and INDICATE THE ACTUAL TIME you used on the machine.
  4. Then click “Fulfill.”