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Instructions to Authors

After agreeing to the site terms of use, you will receive our downloadable slide template. Although the slide template is mostly self-explanatory, we would like to emphasize a few points:

  • ​Use as many representative images you believe necessary to adequately demonstrate the pathology of interest. The fewer the better, but there are some cases which require many serial images.
  • Try to limit your text/discussion slides to one to three slides only. The emphasis in your discussion should be on key findings, key associated facts, and important differentials. These are not designed to be comprehensive. The goal is to create a short, but effective learning tool.
  • Please review some example cases on our site prior to submission.
  • Submit your finished PowerPoint to​

Terms of Agreement

Radiology Online cases contain images from real patients. Institutions have their own guidelines regarding non-research, educational material on real patients. Authors must ensure that they are compliant with their home institution’s guidelines on such educational materials in compliance with HIPAA, including anonymization before submission, with removal of all protected health information.

By checking the box, the author agrees that:

  1. The author is expressing the consensus opinion of all the contributing authors, who have made a good faith attempt to be accurate and informative.
  2. The author acknowledges that publication in Radiology Online is allowed by the responsible authorities at the institution where the images were obtained.
  3. To the best of their knowledge, the author agrees that the case material is not copyrighted or otherwise licensed elsewhere.
  4. If a previously published image is used, the author has obtained permission from the image owner to use the image for the purpose of publication on Radiology Online and will acknowledge this on the slide by adding the following: “Image courtesy of and published with permission of (names of owner, author, or publisher, as appropriate)”.
  5. If a previously published image is used, the author will add the citation to the references slide.
  6. The author understands that case material is subject to review and approval by the editors prior to acceptance and publication on Radiology Online. If at any point the editors receive notice that the content of the published case material is inaccurate or may violate any law, the editors may delete the case material from Radiology Online.
  7. The author grants permission for the editors to reformat the contributed material (including but not limited to font, slide background, UConn logo) as the editors see fit.
  8. The author grants UConn Health the right to publish the case material on Radiology Online, free of charge, where it will remain for an unlimited period of time, at the discretion of the editors, unless they are legally required to remove it.
  9. The author is responsible for the case material submitted to and published on Radiology Online, and will defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the editors, UConn Health, and its affiliates from and against any and all third party claims and liabilities (including reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs, and damages), arising in connection with any intellectual property infringement claim asserted against the editors, UConn Health, or its affiliates, and relating to the submitted case material.

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