Lab News

  • M.R. Bauer Foundation Distinguished Lecturer Series at the Volen National Center for Complex Systems at Brandeis University – From October 30 to November 2, 2017, Drs. Betty A. Eipper and Richard E. Mains were guest lecturers in the M.R. Bauer Distinguished Lecturer Series at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts. In addition to meeting with many laboratory groups and individual faculty members, Dr. Eipper delivered a lecture entitled “Using neuropeptides to communicate – lessons learned from a single cell green alga”. Dr. Mains delivered a lecture entitled “Kalirin and Trio; master regulators of neuronal development and neurodevelopmental abnormalities”. Dr. Mains also taught a reading/discussion class in Developmental Neurobiology, NBIO 143B.
  • Dr. Victor Francone is now an Assistant Professor at Quinnipiac University School of Medicine.
  • Dr. Francesco Ferraro is now an Instructor at University College, London.
  • Eric Gaier and Drew Kiraly both completed their M.D./Ph.D. training. Eric is an Ophthalmology Resident at Massachusetts General Hospital and Drew is Chief Psychiatry Resident at Mt. Sinai.
  • Mathilde Bonnemaison is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Nebraska.
  • Megan Miller is now a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University.
  • Recent PhD and Henderson Award Winner, Dhivya Kumar.
  • Off to Medical Schools – Taylor Larese and Andrew Yanik.