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The Community Based Education (CBE) program affords students the opportunity to acquire a broader view of their role in the profession of medicine. The CBE curriculum partners with community organizations throughout the state to provide educational activities in a community learning environment. Students, faculty, and community members are actively engaged in learning about and responding to relevant community needs. The CBE concept is to provide students with opportunities to interact with and learn from people from a wide range of social, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds in their own communities.

Goals of the CBE program are to help medical students learn about the relationships between:

  • Patients’ physical and social environment and their health and well-being
  • Community resources and problems and population health
  • The use of epidemiology and other scientific approaches to assess health problems in a community
  • The use of health promotion techniques and interventions to address community health problems

Examples of CBE activities include: home health visits, observing counseling sessions, learning about children and family services, hospice care visits, providing health education instruction in local schools, and development of community health projects.

Sample Community Partners

  • American School for the Deaf
  • Catholic Charities Migration & Refugee Services
  • Community Renewal Team, Inc. (CRT)
  • Department of Children and Families
  • Family Life Education
  • Hartford Dispensary
  • Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective (HGLHC)
  • Hispanic Health Council
  • Hartford Health Department
  • Hartford Health Education (HHE)
  • Human Resources Agency (HRA) of New Britain Head Start
  • Maternal & Infant Outreach Program (MIOP)
  • MAXIM Healthcare
  • VNA Healthcare
  • West Hartford-Bloomfield District
  • YWCA Hartford Region

Stacey Brown Ph.D.

Stacey Brown, Ph.D.
Director, Community Based Education Program
Phone: 860-679-2927

Did You Know?

UConn medical student graduates average 80 hours of volunteer work in our communities.

Perspectives on Community Based Education