Membership is required for use of the Wellness Center.

Registration Forms


Not available at this time. When classes resume they will be open to all UConn Health faculty staff, and students. Interns and contractors are not permitted.

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Fee collection (if any) is the responsibility of the instructor.

Hours of Operation

The Wellness Center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week with badge access.

Badge access to the center is for registered members only. No guests are allowed. Participants who provide access to non-Wellness Center members will forfeit their membership.

Wellness Center and Facility Rules

The Wellness Center will not be responsible for loss or damage to any personal property of the member. Members may use a locker, based on availability. All property must be removed from lockers immediately following workouts.

Changing into exercise attire must be done in the locker room. Property of the Center shall not be removed for any reason. Lockers are not for private use and the Center reserves the rights to inspect all lockers, as well as to remove any lock left on locker. Any property left in a locker will be disposed of without notice.

No food or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the Center at any time. Beverages consumed during workout must be in a container with a lid. Members must clean any spills immediately.

Any member who conducts themselves in an unbecoming manner, or who knowingly violates any of these rules may be denied service, access or may have their membership suspended or forfeited.

Members should wear proper attire when using the exercise equipment shirt or top, shorts and or pants, and athletic shoes. Scrubs, bonnets, masks, booties, and lab coats are not permitted.

Equipment should be returned to the proper place after use. Doors shall not be propped open.

Please be courteous to others in the Wellness Center at all times. Share equipment and allow others to set in. Report any injury or equipment problem to

Clean machines after each use by using provided sanitary wipes located throughout the Center.

Outside personal training is not permitted in the Center.

Be considerate of others – do not sit and socialize on equipment, when Center is crowded, please limit your time on the machines to 30 minutes.


Wellness Center Front Desk