Comprehensive Children’s Aid Society Carrera Model (CCM)

Developed in the 1980s at the Children’s Aid Society (Harlem, New York) by Dr. Michael Carrera, this comprehensive, holistic, intensive, long-term approach to teen pregnancy prevention serves boys and girls from high-risk neighborhoods, ages 10 to 18.

Here’s how it works: starting at about age 11, kids who are at risk for becoming teen parents are referred to the program. These 6th graders come five days a week after school to a program that offers them all these services:

  • Academic Support
  • Career Development
  • Outreach and Case Management
  • Family Life and Sex Education
  • Lifetime Sports and Recreation

Kids enrolled in the program continue to come to the program everyday after school, and even during the summer and school vacations, right up until they graduate from high school. The program functions like a “parallel family”, encouraging and guiding young people to create a future for themselves that is bright enough that they then choose to avoid becoming teen parents, dropping out of school, or engaging in illegal activity. Studies have shown this approach to preventing teen pregnancy works—kids enrolled in a program using this kind of intervention, especially teenage girls, are less likely to become teen parents when compared to kids in control groups (Philliber, et al, 2002; Kirby, 2001; Kirby, 2007.)

You might think that this sounds incredibly expensive to enroll kids in such a long and intensive program, but it turns out, for kids who are at high risk for becoming teen parents, NOT enrolling them in this kind of a program is even MORE expensive, if you follow the kids into young adulthood. (Rosenthal, et al., 2009.)

View the 2016 Report Card for a “snap shot” on how well the CCM model is being implemented in Connecticut.

In Connecticut, this Comprehensive model is currently being employed in:

New Britain
Greater New Britain Teen Pregnancy Prevention Inc.
Pathways Senderos Center
43 Viets Street
New Britain, CT 06053

CJR Waterbury
80 Prospect Street
Waterbury, CT 06702