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Students after a race

Medical Big/Little Program

The Big-Little program is a longitudinal student-run peer mentoring program for medical students, in conjunction with our AMA chapter and our student government. It helps students learn from one another as they progress through school. The program has its roots in the Med Families program, sharing the same goals but with a revised structure.

This program helps each student form long lasting relationships with students at different stages in their training. Each incoming student is randomly matched into a “lineage” with a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year student; each lineage will act as a family unit. Every meeting offers a chance to exchange advice and discuss the challenges of medical school in an informal setting.

In addition, we schedule activities where these small units can interact with each other, enlarging each member’s social circle and providing a welcome break from the academic grind. These events start with the kickoff ice cream social, and might include activities to improve specific clinical skill or engage in friendly competitions between lineages.