Guidelines for Applying

For the Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine

  • To be eligible to be considered for federal and institutional financial aid, a student must meet the following criteria: be a matriculated student, be in good academic standing, be enrolled on at least a half time basis and be a U.S. Citizen or an eligible Non-Citizen.

  • All newly accepted and continuing students applying for financial aid must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on the web at There is no fee for processing the FAFSA. The UConn School of Medicine school code to file a FAFSA is G09867. The UConn School of Dental Medicine school code to file a FAFSA is G11215.

  • Your eligibility for the Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan and Graduate PLUS Loan is determined on the basis of the information you provide on the FAFSA and the student budget.

  • All students applying for Financial Aid must also complete the UConn Health Financial Aid Application. If applying for the Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan and/or the Graduate PLUS Loan only, you are not required to provide parental information.

  • Students who wish to be considered for institutional scholarships, loans and Title VII funds in addition to the Federal Loans, must complete both the UConn Health Financial Aid Application and the University Aid Application in addition to the FAFSA. Parental information must be included on both the UConn Application and the FAFSA even if you claim financial independence.

  • Please note: If you are applying for institutional aid in addition to the Federal Stafford and Graduate PLUS Loans, you must fill out all sections of the FAFSA that request Parental Information on the FAFSA, even if you have answered "yes" to any of the questions that determine “Dependency Status”. If you do not complete the sections requesting parental information, you will not be considered for any financial aid other than the Federal Loans.

  • Entering students will be emailed a Financial Aid Application Packet in late January outlining the process. Students accepted after the original email, will be sent application materials upon notification of their acceptance. Deadline for Priority processing is April 17, 2017. Students accepted after April 17, 2017 should submit their application within two weeks after receiving the Financial Aid Application Packet.

  • International students must present documentary evidence of their ability to meet all expenses for at least the first year of study and an acceptable plan for financing the remainder of their program, before a student visa can be issued. International students are not eligible for federal or need based University funding.

  • Current Students: Carefully read the Checklist which outlines, in detail, the steps you must follow to successfully complete the financial aid process by the Monday, March 27, 2017 deadline. Failure to complete the process by the deadline may result in a reduction in University aid.

  • All forms and documents (UConn Applications Parts I and II, tax returns, student health plan, etc.) must be submitted as a complete packet. Incomplete packets will not be accepted.

  • Communicate any special circumstances in writing along with documentation directly to the Financial Aid Office.

Seek outside aid! The Financial Aid Office notifies students by email of scholarship opportunities as they arise. The most comprehensive list of scholarships and grants can be found on the Internet at Please stop by the Financial Aid Office for information about other sites.