Karyotype Analysis of G-banded Metaphase Chromosomes

Karyotype Abnormalities
Karyotype abnormalities may be observed with long-term culture of cell lines, including trisomy 12and trisomy 17.

Karyotype analysis of G-banded metaphase chromosomes will detect both numerical and structural chromosome abnormalities. This is a gross level (5-10 Mb resolution), first pass method for determining the integrity of your cell line.


  • Upon establishment of a new cell line
  • Every 10 passages
  • After experimental manipulation
  • Prior to publication
  • Prior to banking in a cell repository


Cells should be submitted for karyotyping one day before the culture would normally be passaged to provide for a sufficient mitotic index (number of dividing cells). Analysis of human metaphase chromosomes is done using standard protocols for chromosome harvesting and slide preparation. For each cell line submitted, a minimum of 20-cells will be counted and sexed, and five cells completely analyzed. A karyogram will be produced for two cells per clonal line. Additional counts will be performed in cases of suspected mosaicism.

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Karyotyping (G-banding) Sample Submission Instructions

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For further information regarding the basics of karyotyping and how it is used to detect chromosome abnormalities, please visit Karyotyping for Chromosomal Abnormalities.