Genome Integrity Analysis

Genetics and Genomics Division of the iPS Cell and Chromosome Core

The Genetics and Genomics Division of the Core was established as the first cross-campus core facility. Studies have reported that many different cell lines, including human pluripotent stem cells (including human ES and iPS cells), are prone to chromosome abnormalities that compromise their integrity and therapeutic potential. Likewise, cell lines produced to mimic human disease or a specific patient genotype (e.g. autism and Prader Willi syndrome) require confirmation of specific gene deletions, duplications, insertions, etc. We provide a full suite of services to characterize the integrity of your cell lines for your scientific research.

Services available:

  1. Karyotype analysis of G-banded metaphase chromosomes
  2. Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)
  3. SNP and CNV microarray analysis
  4. Lineage-specific gene expression profiling