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Robot-Assisted Surgery

Dr Moss in the OR UConn Health (photo by JGelineau)

Back pain affects up to 85 percent of Americans. For patients undergoing spinal procedures, the margin for error is very small as surgeons work within millimeters of important structures such as nerves, major blood vessels, and the spinal cord.

Pinpoint precision during surgery is critical and the use of robotic guidance is currently the most accurate method available.

UConn Health was the first in New England to offer robot-assisted surgery.

Our highly experienced surgeons use a robotic arm to achieve the most precise placement of screws and hardware, allowing them to safely stabilize the spine. A computer provides a magnified view of the surgical area. Greater precision, flexibility, and control improve safety for our patients and help us get you better and back to life faster. Additional benefits of robot-assisted surgery include less pain and bleeding, reduced risk of infection, shorter hospital stays, and smaller scars.