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Radiation Safety Committee

The UConn Health Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) is responsible for the safe use of radioactive materials and radiation producing devices at all UConn Health facilities. The RSC is comprised of members from departments across the University’s UConn Health facilities that regularly use radioactive materials and radiation generating devices (RGD). They assure the continued quality of the radiation safety program and will audit, as necessary, and review the radiation safety program and the Office of Radiation Safety. This shall include, but may not be limited to, the policies and procedures for controlling and maintaining inventories, research and clinical protocols and possession limits, the procurement and transfer of licensed materials, emergency response, and training of authorized users. The Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs makes executive appointments to the committee. They specifically include:

  • The chairperson to the RSC
  • The Radiation Safety Officer
  • The Administration representative
  • The Nursing representative

An authorized user of each type of medical or research use of radioactive material permitted by the UConn Health’s radioactive materials license and/or radiation generating devices. RSC members are a diverse and complimentary body representing management, administration, departments using radioactive materials, ionizing radiation generating devices (RDG) and all disciplines of clinical patient care. This diversified membership offers a base of experience and education to assure knowledge of radiation and management issues, and to provide scientific opinions on the safety and efficacy of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures involving radiation use in human subjects. In conjunction with the Radiation Safety Office and staff, the RSC is also committed to promote an active and robust radiation safety culture. Any faculty, staff member, or student is strongly encouraged to contact a member of the Committee to discuss any issues of concern regarding any aspect of our program.

Radiation Safety Committee Charter

Radiation Safety Committee Members