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Podcasts & Cyber Seminars


Diet, Inflammation and Pain: A Podcast With Johnny Figueroa and Robert Sorge

In this RELIEF podcast, Drs. Figueroa and Sorge they discuss their research involving the role of diet and inflammation in chronic pain with neuroscientist and freelance writer Stephani Sutherland.

Early Intensive Pain Education To Reduce Chronic Back Pain: PT Inquest

Accurate education on pain has become a popular mantra in physical therapy practice, specifically around chronic pain. A common argument is to educate at risk patients early in the process to reduce the likelihood of their pain becoming chronic. But just how effective is this? Does it really make that much of a difference? Is it addressing the driving factors related to these subjects?

Emergency Medicine Cases: Journal Jams

Journal Jam is the EM Cases podcast that brings together leading EM researchers, EM educators and EM clinicians from around the world to discuss practice-changing EM articles or does deep dives into the world’s literature on a particular topic; with Anton Helman, Justin Morgenstern and Rory Spiegel.

Emergency Medicine Cases: Main Episodes

EM Cases Main Episodes are round table in-depth discussions on core EM topics with 2 or more EM Cases guest experts, and edited meticulously for an approximately one hour podcast.

Emergency Medicine Cases: Pediatric Pain Management

This podcast discusses important pediatric pain management decisions, featuring one of the most prominent North American researchers and experts in Emergency Pediatric pain management, Dr. Samina Ali and the head of the division of Pediatric EM at McMaster University, Dr. Anthony Crocco.

How Psychologists Can Help With Chronic Pain: A Podcast with Beverly Thorn

In this RELIEF podcast, neuroscientist and science journalist Stephani Sutherland caught up with Dr. Beverly Thorn at March’s annual meeting of the American Pain Society (APS) to discuss her recent clinical trial as well as other areas of pain psychology. Dr. Thorn is a psychologist who studies how to assess and treat pain, health behaviors, and living with chronic illness. Recently, she and her colleagues reported the results of a clinical trial examining cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to treat chronic pain in disadvantaged populations

Pain Management and Opioid Safety: Investigator Insights Podcast Series

Dr. Heather Gilmartin, nurse scientist at the Denver/Seattle Center of Innovation in Denver, Colorado, talks with her colleague, Dr. Joe Frank, primary care physician at the Denver VA and health services researcher at the Denver/Seattle Center of Innovation, about his work in the area of pain management and opioid safety. Dr. Frank is encouraged that "as the VA is able to bring to bear new services, new ways of delivering pain care, I think, based on our experience and prior work, veterans and their families are likely to be very interested."

Pain Science & Sensibility

Join co-hosts Sandy Hilton and Cory Blickenstaff, physical therapists who are “in the trenches” practicing in unique settings on opposite sides of US, as they discuss current research and topics of pain science. Listen in on occasional interviews of the prominent figures of pain science. Focus will be on making the information meaningful to practice in the clinic.

Pain 101 Podcast: Gaining Control Over Pain

In this Pain 101 podcast, which was recorded at the World Congress on Pain, two experts working to help people gain control over their pain discussed their work. Dr. Beth Darnall discusses how psychological treatments can help people to ease their pain. Dr. Michael Saenger discusses how the Empower Veterans Program at Atlanta VA Health Care System helps veterans suffering from severe, persistent pain to manage their conditions.

PAINWeek Podcasts

Over 100 free podcasts in the areas of: acute pain management, chronic pain, pain and chemical dependency, neuropathic pain, behavioral pain management, pelvic pain, back pain, therapy, medication and pain assessment.

PT Inquest

PT Inquest is an online journal club. Hosted by Erik Meira and JW Matheson, the show looks at an article every week and discusses how they apply to current physical therapy practice.

Speaking Out on Pain Management

Dive into the world of chronic pain management and explore alternative treatments for chronic pain with the Speaking Out on Pain Management Podcast. Each episode offers a fresh perspective from doctors, nurses, counselors and everyday pain-sufferers on the front lines of treating and living with chronic pain. New episodes are available on the second Wednesday of each month until December.

The Brain Changes During Chronic Pain—But Non-Drug Treatments Can Change It Back: A Podcast with Catherine Bushnelll

This RELIEF podcast features Catherin Bushnell, PhD, a pain research and the scientific director of Division of Intramural Research at the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), part of the National Institutes of Health, in Bethesda, Maryland. Dr. Bushnell sat down for a podcast at the World Congress with freelance journalist Stephani Sutherland to discuss the work the NCCIH is doing to improve the understanding and treatment of chronic pain. This includes the scientific study of how chronic pain alters the brain for the worse, and how mind-body treatments like yoga, meditation and exercise can change it back for the better.


VA Opioid Safety Initiative – How did we get here and what is ahead?

The VA Opioid Safety Initiative (OSI) expanded nationally in FY 2013. The OSI aims to reduce over-reliance on opioid analgesics for pain management and to promote safe and effective use of opioid therapy when clinically indicated. The comprehensive OSI strategy includes education of providers and expanded access to non-pharmacological treatment options, in particular behavioral and complementary integrative health modalities. Integrated care requires the systematic coordination of medical, psychological and social aspects of health care is required for high quality pain care.

QUERI (Quality Enhancement Research Initiative Implementation)

This series about implementation science features presenters from VA/HSR&D's Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI). Implementation science focuses on research that examines methods to accelerate the implantation of evidence-based clinical practices in routine healthcare settings. Faculty will share information about QUERI implementation processes, methods and lessons learned. Those who may benefit from attending these sessions include clinicians, researchers, administrators, and policymakers who are interested in learning more about implementation science and the tools needed to promote evidence-based medicine.

SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management)

Spotlight on Pain Management (SoPM) Cyber Seminar series is jointly sponsored by the VA Pain Management Program, the Pain Research, Informatics, Multi-morbidities, and Education (PRIME) Center, and the Center for Information Dissemination and Educational Resources (CIDER). SoPM targets VA health services and clinical investigators, clinicians, educators and policy makers. Its key objective is to provide a forum for discussing practice and policy implications of VA pain-relevant health services research and for encouraging pain-relevant health services research that is informed by high priority practice and policy initiatives in VA. Broadly, SoPM is designed to support the National Pain Management Strategy by promoting evidence-based transformational improvements in pain management for Veterans.