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Pain Trackers & Diaries

CatchMyPain - FREE & paid versions Android and iOS

Medscape provides fast and accurate clinical answers at the point-of-care and is the leading medical resource for physicians, medical students, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

FibroMapp - $2.99 Android and IOS

FibroMapp takes the best of sleep tracking and pain tracker apps and puts them together in one app.  This pain app tracks quantity and quality of sleep, daily experience of pain, and amount and type of medications. FibroMapp offers a .pdf report to share with your doctor as well and can display up to one year’s worth of charts and graphs that detail the record of pain.

Flaredown - FREE Android and iOS

Perhaps the biggest benefit to this app is its focus on maintaining a list of commonly experienced triggers, so patients can track what could be triggering their pain. Then, work to decrease their amount of flare-ups.  You can also customize the app to only track symptoms and conditions relevant to you, with easy ways to track and record symptoms, and analyze your health over time.  The app allows you to track food, medications, weather, natural treatments, mental health, activity and other customizable additions.

iBeatPain for Teens - FREE for IOS

This app is specifically targeted to help teens who suffer from chronic pain. It focuses on incorporating home-therapies into the active management of pain, including relaxation techniques, exercise, school participation, sleep, and self-care basics.

My Pain Diary - FREE & paid versions Android and iOS

My Pain Diary not only tracks patient data but also uses it to make potential connections between certain reported events (even weather) and pain flare-ups. This pain app uses color-coding to make it easy to read. It also automatically gathers weather data from the user’s location.  It also allows pain patients to send data to their doctor, or they can choose to keep certain parts of their reports private.  Users can also attach photos to share with their physician and can set medication and appointment reminders.

WebMD Mobile Pain Coach - FREE Android and iOS

WebMD Mobile Pain Coach offers users the option of locating their pain on their body, keeping a diary of symptoms and triggers, and printing customized reports for the doctors.  WebMD is also focused on patient education and provides users articles filled with tips on eating, exercise, treatments, moods, rest and relaxation.

Medication Trackers

MedHelper - FREE & paid versions Android and iOS

MedHelper is a comprehensive prescription/medication compliance and tracking app designed to help individuals and caretakers manage the challenges of staying on time, up to date and on schedule with very simple to very complex regimes.

MyMeds - FREE & paid versions Android and iOS

MyMeds is an easy to use, secure, and top of class medication management platform. MyMeds can help keep you healthy by sending you daily medication and refill reminders (text, email, and push notification depending on your preference).

Pain Treatment, Management & Relief

Healing Buddies - FREE for iOS

The Healing Buddies Comfort Kit offers an interactive, virtual way for kids and teens at home, in a doctor’s office or in the hospital to learn and immediately benefit from self-care techniques to manage common symptoms like pain, worries, nausea, fatigue and trouble sleeping. The app contains several integrative medicine techniques adapted for use by children and teens that are quick and effective for symptom control so kids can get back to doing what they like to do – and need to do each day. The techniques included in this app are designed by leaders in the field of pediatric integrative medicine (physicians, nurses, psychologists and child life specialists) and have been tested for years in several leading children’s hospitals and clinics.

Natural Pain Management+ - $2.99 Android and iOS

A quick overview of analgesic pain solutions.

Ouchie - FREE Android and iOS

Ouchie offers evidence-backed tools to help engage chronic pain patients: robust tracking, cognitive behavioral therapy, community support, and educational resources.

Pain Management Plan- FREE & paid versions Android and iOS

The PainSense Pain Management Plan app has an underlying CBT based approach, which is renowned for its effectiveness in developing self-management skills and self-efficacy amongst people with persistent pain.  The Pain Management Plan app is structured to lead the user through the methods used, learn more about their condition and to use target settings to improve their quality of life.

Pain Relief 2.0  - $2.99 Android
Pain Killer 2.0 - $4.99 iOS

Pain Relief 2.0/Pain Killer 2.0 works by using the latest special binaural beats known as TBSW. This is the latest pain management technology.  Pain settings include general pain, muscles and joints, fibromyalgia and arthritis, pain + insomnia, headaches, migraines, TBSW combination, Rife + TBSW combination, stress relief and rejuvenation.

palmEM:Emergency Medicine - $19.99 Android and iOS

palmEM is an all-in-one, rapid and succinct, evidence based emergency medicine quick reference. Internal medicine, critical care, family medicine and urgent care clinicians will also find palmEM useful.

Pathways Pain Relief - FREE Android and iOS

The pathways pain therapy program will change the way your brain perceives pain, therefore reducing or even eliminating your experience of chronic pain.  We retrain your brain to stop pain with many scientifically grounded and proven methods including pain science education, diaphragmatic breathing, visualizations, stress reducing exercises, improving positivity & confidence, physical exercise, music therapy and so much more.  Your personal pain therapist will take you on your journey to understanding why you feel pain, and work to break the pain cycle. You can track how your pain develops over time, and focus on the pain relief techniques that work for you.