Faculty Profile – Youngji Jo

Youngji Jo, PhD
Assistant Professor
Infectious diseases 


My current research interest includes disease modeling development/calibration/validation/inference in the domain of health systems/service delivery to help decision-making. I apply mathematical modeling, economic evaluation, and implementation science to improve access, efficiency, equity, and financial sustainability of the health systems by using data insights to inform strategic decision-making and analyzing key performance metrics to identify value propositions, scale operations and drive impact. I am passionate about understanding the underlying processes and mechanisms that contribute to the outcome, beyond simple association and prediction. I also integrate new sources of data, methods, and practice, such as Digital Health, in expanding our understanding of disease transmission pathways and improving current practice related to HIV/TB prevention and control.

Jo Y, Shrestha S, Radnaabaatar M, Park H, Jung J, Optimal social distancing policy for COVID-19 control in South Korea: a model-based analysis, Journal of Korea Medical Society. May, 2022.