2020 Baby Survey

The 2020 Baby Survey is a confidential, 45-minute survey about women’s experiences being pregnant and delivering and caring for new babies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Help?

Your participation will help us to improve care, change policy, and educate others so that we can best support the health of families from many different communities during similar crises.

A $25 Gift Card

  • is provided to women who complete the survey.

For more information, contact us at 860-798-8790 or babystudy@uchc.edu.

Drs. Damion Grasso and Margaret Briggs-Gowan, Department of Psychiatry, IRB Number 21-025-2.

The 2020 Baby Study has now become the Parenting Infants in the Pandemic Study (PIPS)

Use survey code Webpage123.