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Specialty Clinics

Forensic Evaluation Clinic

Independent Medical Evaluations needed for worker's compensation, insurance claims, and legal proceedings are provided. Dr. Richard Kaplan has over 30 years' experience conducting forensic evaluations and providing trial testimony.

Adult Outpatient Clinic

Dr. Springate sees adult patients for neuropsychological evaluation who present with a variety of problems and referral questions. Test battery length and content are flexible and dependent on the nature of the referral questions.

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Huntington's Disease Program

The mission of the Huntington's disease (HD) Program of UConn Health is to provide care and treatment to HD patients and their families. Persons eligible include Connecticut residents who have, or are at risk for, Huntington's disease. An initial evaluation consists of a visit with the neuropsychiatrist, psychiatric nurse, social worker and neuropsychologist. A visit with a genetic counselor can be arranged for individuals interested in pre-symptomatic testing. For more information, please contact the Huntington's Disease Clinic at 860-679-6700.

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Inpatient Clinic

Short neuropsychological batteries are used to assess UConn Health inpatients for cognitive dysfunction and neurologic conditions. These complete test batteries are designed to be repeatable so that multiple assessments of cognitive function can be performed during an inpatient hospitalization if needed by the nature of the referral question.

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