Neuropsychological Testing Services

Neuropsychological testing is a way of examining brain function and cognitive abilities. Neuropsychological tests are an important part of an overall evaluation because they provide an objective measure of an individual's strengths and weaknesses. Neuropsychological assessment provides a systematic evaluation of cognitive abilities such as intelligence, memory, language, attention, problem-solving ability, visual-motor skills, sensorimotor abilities, personality/emotional functioning, and academic skills.

A typical evaluation involves administration of neuropsychological and psychological tests, record review, and an interview with the patient, including a parent or other family member when available. Neuropsychological tests usually involve paper-and-pencil or computer based measures. An evaluation takes from as few as one to two hours to as many as eight hours depending on the referral question. Evaluations are flexible and tailored to a specific referral question. The results of the evaluation are often the first step in developing an effective treatment or remedial plan.

Services at the UConn Health Neuropsychology Service are provided for adults.

How to Use Our Services

Referrals for neuropsychological evaluations may be requested by physicians or by other health care professionals. Referrals are accepted from inpatient and from outpatient clinics, and also from general practitioners and specialists.

For Referring Physicians

Costs to the Patient

Most major insurance companies will pay at least part of the cost for a neuropsychological evaluation. Call us with your insurance information and we will check on the extent of your coverage for our services.

Evaluation Results and Feedback

Written and verbal feedback is tailored to the needs of the patient and the referral source. Typically, a comprehensive report summarizing the findings, including recommendations for potential treatments and the likely consequences of the patient's difficulties in daily functioning is prepared for the referring physician. A feedback session with the patient and family also is often provided.

Contact Us

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call:

Sara Hatje
Patient Coordinator
Phone: 860-679-4888


UConn Health
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Connecticut Tower, 3rd Floor
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Farmington, CT

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From the Main Building entrance, walk straight to the windows overlooking the courtyard and turn right. Continue toward the cafeteria until you reach a bank of six elevators. Take the Connecticut Tower elevator to the third floor and follow the signs for Neurodiagnostic Testing through two sets of double doors.