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Evaluation, Treatment Plan, and Services

Initial evaluations consist of a visit with our adult nurse practitioner. In addition, a visit with our genetic counselor can be arranged for those individuals interested in pre-symptomatic testing. Further assessments by our psychiatrist or neurologist are done if needed. When assessments are completed, a multidisciplinary treatment plan is created. The plan might make recommendations for treatment regarding personal/family counseling, physical or occupational therapy, psychiatric or neurological treatments, home-based and/or long term care issues. Typically, patients who are gene positive are seen on a routine basis for follow-up.


  • Psychiatric assessment
  • Neurological assessment of Huntington’s disease symptoms
  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Genetic counseling
  • Education of clients and families

Additional Services

  • Psychiatric care
  • Neurological care of Huntington’s disease symptoms
  • Routine follow-up care
  • Education of caregivers in effective behavioral interventions
  • Assistance with entitlements and disability determination
  • Liaison with home care agencies