Parent and Child Emotions Study (PACES)

PACES is a study aimed at understanding how children and families manage their emotions after very stressful life experiences. We are also trying to learn about how parents can help to support their children in overcoming these experiences. PACES will help us to identify ways that professionals can help parents to be better able to support their children and help them to recover after experiencing violence or other traumatic events. We know this can be especially hard when parents have experienced trauma in their lives, too.

We invite participation from children ages 9-12 and a parent, both of whom have experienced a traumatic event. Parents must be 18 years or older, and both children and parents must be able to answer study questions in English.

This study involves a visit to our lab. Parents and children will be asked to answer questionnaires about their experiences, emotions, and behaviors and they will participate in some activities together. While they do these activities, we will monitor parents’ and children’s heart rate and breathing using safe, sticky, sensors. There is also plenty of time for breaks and snacks. Kids usually finish before their parents and can play games with our staff while they wait. We estimate the whole visit will take about 3 hours.

Families will receive $100 in gift cards to Walmart or Target for the visit, and children will also receive a small prize.

Our lab is at 65 Kane Street in West Hartford. This is close to I-84 and bus routes. Our building is next door to the Goldroc Diner.

Want to find out more? Contact the PACES Team at 860-523-6458 or at

Want to know if you are eligible? Visit the PACES Screening Tool to answer our questions and find out if you are eligible in minutes!