Maternal Adversity, Resilience, and Infancy Study (MARIS)

MARIS is an ongoing study led by Dr. Damion Grasso in collaboration with Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and Hartford Hospital. The primary aim of the study is to improve understanding of risk and resilience in mothers and their newborn infants in the context of maternal exposure to stressful life events. Women are recruited in their third trimester of pregnancy and followed until infants are 6-months-old. Research questions pertain to both social and biological processes involved in how mothers and infants respond to stressors. Study findings may have implications for increasing our knowledge of how maternal experiences and resources may influence developmental outcomes in infant offspring.

Eligibility includes English-speaking women, 18 years or older, who are in their third trimester of pregnancy, receive services at the Hartford Hospital Women’s Ambulatory Health Services (WHAS) Clinic and plan to deliver at Hartford Hospital.

Mothers can earn up to $200 in gift cards to Stop and Shop.

For information on eligibility and how to participate, contact our research coordinator at 860-798-8790.