Double Down: Election Anxiety on Top of Pandemic Stress

UConn Today sat down with Karen Steinberg, Ph.D., psychologist at the Mood & Anxiety Clinic at UConn Health and associate professor of psychiatry at UConn School of Medicine, to find out what the Clinic’s team of counselors are hearing most from patients in regards to the pandemic-induced stress, and the additional uncertainty and anxiety regarding the outcome of the Nov. 3 U.S. Presidential election.

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Stuck in Survival Mode: Insights into Turning Down Your Stress Level

When stress takes a hold of our daily lives, most of us know how we should handle it: Eat healthfully. Exercise. Pace ourselves. Tend to our relationships. But most of the time, we feel too stressed to maintain the discipline necessary to take these seemingly simple steps. We’ve come to believe that we are just too stressed to use our stress-management skills.

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Managing Stress

Stress is a fact of life for most people, but understanding the alarm system in your brain can provide a new way of managing stressful situations. During an interview on NBC Connecticut, Julian Ford, clinical psychologist at the UConn Health Center and author of Hijacked By Your Brain, offers tips on how to better handle the stress in your life.

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