Month: April 2013

Bombings Bring Back Bad Memories

Many in Connecticut revisited feelings this week related to previous traumas, whether it was the Newtown school shootings, the 9/11 attacks or another incident. The anxiety of being under attack, unsafe and threatened was re-awakened by this week’s events and 24-hour news coverage.

“The most immediate threat to our survival is if someone else is attempting to attack us,” said Julian Ford, a psychologist at UConn. “It’s clearly a very biologically hard-wired instinct to survive and protect.”

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State, UConn To Create Mental Health Claims Tool

The conversation about how to help 1.8 million privately insured Connecticut residents gain access to mental health treatment started long before a gunman killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The effort began last spring when Deputy Insurance Commissioner Anne Melissa Dowling met with officials from the University of Connecticut Health Center.

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Alcohol Research Center Battles Addiction with Science

The University of Connecticut Alcohol Research Center achieved a milestone recently when the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism renewed the center’s funding for another five years. Founded in 1978, the Center was already the longest-funded center, both at UConn and within the NIH/NIAAA structure. The new grant funds the ARC through late 2017, when it will mark its 40th anniversary. Longevity isn’t the ARC’s sole claim to fame, however. Its research into the causes and treatment of alcohol disorders has led to groundbreaking advances and a worldwide reputation.

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