HuskyBuy Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a HuskyBuy account?

All new HuskyBuy users must first complete HuskyBuy training, via the SABA learning portal. Upon completion of training, your name will appear on a report we receive from Human Resources late Tuesday or Thursday. At that time, a HuskyBuy account will be created for you. See detailed instructions at How to Request a HuskyBuy User Account.

When is HuskyBuy training available?

SABA training is available at any time convenient to you through the SABA Online Learning Center – simply search HuskyBuy within the SABA portal and complete all available training modules.

When will I get my HuskyBuy account, upon completion of training?

After completing SABA training, account activation occurs during two periods weekly when SABA reports to the HuskyBuy Team – currently end of day Tuesday and Thursday.

What do I do if I forgot my HuskyBuy password or my HuskyBuy account is locked?

Please contact the HuskyBuy helpdesk at 860-679-2066 or regarding HuskyBuy account lockouts and/or password resets.

Whom would I contact if I need help with HuskyBuy?

Please first refer to the procedures HuskyBuy website. If you cannot find the answer to your question within the outlined procedures, please contact the HuskyBuy helpdesk at 860-679-2066 or

Can I access HuskyBuy from off-campus?

Yes, HuskyBuy is a web resource available anywhere with internet access and an active HuskyBuy user account.

What are my options within the Internal Notes and Attachments area?

Your options are:
a) Internal Note: Include any additional information that needs to be included with this requisition for internal records or personnel.
b) Internal Attachments: File and URL/link attachments for use internally. Click the add attachment… link to add attachments to the document. Click the remove... link to remove the attachment.
c) Blanket PO: A purchase order that will be maintained over time.
d) Internal Distribution Only: The purchase order will be created, but intentionally not distributed to the supplier.
e) Attachment Type: Indicates type of form from drop down list.

What are the options for the required field, Attachment Type?

Your options are:
a) All Other Forms
b) Contract Request Form
c) No Attachment
d) Purchasing Form: Emergency Order, Loan Equip, New Supplier Pkg, Quote, Sole‐Source Form
See detailed instructions at Attachment Type Instructions.

How much information should I include in the product description for a non-Catalog item?

You should:
a) Clearly identify item or service to be purchased.
b) If service, then identify time period related to service.
c) If there is already a contract number in place, then reference the contract number.
d) Do not use the Product Description field to send Internal Notes (all Internal Notes should be entered into the Internal Note field).
e) Unit Price should equal (or at least approximate) what is expected to be spent during the current fiscal year.

How do I request a purchase order for payment purposes only?

Submit a purchase requisition through HuskyBuy with the invoice attached, selecting Internal Distribution Only, and Attachment Type - All Other Forms. Contact Accounts Payable externally to inform them the invoice is in the system.

If I attach an invoice to a purchase requisition, will Accounts Payable automatically pay it?

No, Accounts Payable must receive either the physical invoice or Vendor Payment Authorization Form containing the purchase order number and an authorizing signature, or external notification of submission of an invoice to HuskyBuy prior to issuing payment to the supplier.

Can I view the invoices for my purchase orders?

Yes, from the invoices tab in the purchase order, once Accounts Payable has processed the invoice in the system.

How can I attach a document to an existing requisition or purchase order?

In your requisition or purchase order, top, right side of screen: “Available Actions: Add Comment” Click: “Go” The option at the bottom of the box is: “Attach file to this document” After attaching the document AND including a comment, click “Add Comment”. See the most commonly used forms at Policies, Procedures, and Forms.

How do I add an additional business address for a supplier?

As long as the Federal Tax Identification Number correlates, a supplier may have multiple fulfillment and/or remittance addresses. Simply send a notice containing the supplier name and the requested additional address via email to and the request reviewed and the address updated as needed.

Where do I find the New Supplier Packet?

The New Supplier Packet is located on the Procurement website. Please use review the available guideline and use the appropriate New Supplier Package type for your supplier.

How do I specify the urgency of my purchase requisition?

You must select priority Urgent under the general section of your purchase requisition. It is also important to justify the urgency of your order in the external notes and attachments section of your purchase requisition.

Will I be notified if my purchase requisition is rejected?

Yes, the original Requisitioner will receive an automated email notification.

Who do I contact if my purchase requisition was rejected?

From the History Tab in the purchase requisition, you can view the reason behind a rejection as well the responsible party for the rejection (i.e., Banner automated, workflow approver, etc.).
For the following common scenarios:
Rejected by an individual – contact that individual directly via comment or phone
Banner Budget – contact your budget buddy
Banner Signature Authority – contact Finance and Reporting

Can I include both punch-out and non-catalog items on one purchase requisition?

No, the system will prevent order placement for mixed carts (i.e., multiple suppliers/multiple catalog types).

How can I add a ship-to address that is not currently available in HuskyBuy?

Please provide the complete information and business justification to the HuskyBuy team at The request will be vetted by Procurement administration and updated as necessary.

How do I fax or email a PO and PO Backer to a supplier?

If HuskyBuy confirmed the order was successfully sent to the supplier, it is not a HuskyBuy system failure. (If a system distribution failure is noted, please contact the HuskyBuy helpdesk for assistance.) A user may manually fax or email the PO, PO backer, and any other related documents to the Supplier. Detailed instructions are available on the HuskyBuy website.

How do I enter shipping and handling on a Requisition?

Shipping and handling should always be entered in the Shipping and Handing section on a purchase requisition. See detailed instructions at How to Enter Shipping and Handling Charges.

Will I be notified if an item ordered is discontinued or on backorder?

The supplier should contact you (the PO owner) directly regarding any product availability issues. Likewise, if you have any questions regarding product availability, please contact the supplier directly.

How do I use Document Search to generate Supplier Reports?

See detailed instructions for using Document Search at Supplier Reports in Document Search.

Where can I find HuskyBuy instructional procedures?

All published HuskyBuy procedures and training documents are available on the HuskyBuy website.