Contracting Authority

UConn Health's purchasing and contracting authority is granted under Title 4a and Title 10a of the Connecticut General Statutes. The statutes listed below both authorize and define UConn Health's ability to enter into contracts and can be located at

  • 4a-52a (Purchases by constituent units of the state system of higher education. Disqualification from bidding. Delegation of purchasing authority to state agencies),
  • 10a-109a through 10a-109y (University of Connecticut 2000 Act),
  • 10a-151a (Purchase of equipment for research, library media and library books by constituent units),
  • 10a-151b (Purchase of equipment, supplies and contractual services by constituent units and their institutions),
  • 10a-151e (Course book contracts), and
  • 10a-250 through 10a-263 (University of Connecticut Health Center Finance Corporation Act).