Policies, Procedures and Forms

Policy Number Policy, Procedure or Form Name
2021-02 Procurement Acquisitions of Goods Services and Real Estate

Procurement Procedures

Supplier Communication Guidelines

Supplier Profile (Procedure)

New Supplier Application Guideline (Instructions)
New Supplier Application for Individuals (Fillable Form)
New Supplier Application for Businesses (Fillable Form)

Unauthorized Purchase Form (Fillable Form)
Emergency Purchase Form (Fillable Form)
Non-Competitive Purchase Justification Form (Fillable Form)
Non-Competitive Purchase Justification Form Instructions
Surgical Case and New Clinical Product Request Form (Fillable Form)
2012-04 Contract Signature Authority
Contract Request Form (Fillable Form)
Contract Request Form Instructions
When a Counter-Signed Contract Is Required Guideline
Guest Speakers and Honoraria
Federal Grants – Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards
Gifting Policy (See Guide to the State Code of Ethics)