Policies, Procedures and Forms

Policy Number Policy, Procedure or Form Name
2006-18 Authority to Purchase and Contract
2006-19 Purchasing Approval Authority
2015-06 Procurement Sourcing and Supplier Selection
2006-30 Authorized Purchase
Unauthorized Purchase Form (Fillable Form)
2006-31 Emergency Purchase
Emergency Purchase Form (Fillable Form)
2006-32 Non-Compete
Non-Competitive Purchase Justification Form (Fillable Form)
Non-Competitive Purchase Justification Form Instructions
Surgical Case and New Clinical Product Request Form (Fillable Form)
2012-04 Contract Signature Authority
Contract Request Form (Fillable Form)
Contract Request Form Instructions
When a Counter-Signed Contract Is Required Guideline
Guest Speakers and Honoraria
Federal Grants – Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards
2006-27 Loaning of Supplier-Owned Equipment
Note: This policy is currently under review.
Supplier Profile (Procedure)

New Supplier Application Guideline (Instructions)
New Supplier Application for Individuals (Fillable Form)
New Supplier Application for Businesses (Fillable Form)