UConn Medical Group

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2010-03: Audit Policy of Patient Medical Records and Bill Review by Payors – Deleted 11/2/20 and replaced by procedure

2014-02: Bed Bug Management

2006-03: Billing for Professional Services

2015-07: Clinical Record Documentation Requirements for Participants Participating in a Clinical Trial

2017-05: Conflict of Interest in Clinical Health Care, Individual Financial

2003-13: Consent to Treatment

2013-02: Copy and Paste Functionality in Electronic Record Documentation

2012-06: Designated Record Set

2006-05: Electronic Signature for Medical Records

2012-01: Email Communication with Patients/Research Participants – Policy deleted and replaced by 2011-04 Electronic Communication of Confidential Data

2013-01: Error Corrections, Addenda, Amendments and Deletions in the Legal Health Record

2014-09: Handling Paper Communications About Patients Including Protected Health Information (PHI) – Assuring Proper Identity of the Patient

2017-05 Individual Financial Conflicts of Interest in Clinical Health Care

2015-03: Informed Consent, Clinical – Obtaining and Documenting

Interpreters/Language Access For Persons Who Are Limited English Proficient (LEP) Deaf or Hard of Hearing

2012-07: Legal Health Record

2012-05: Legal Representative for Health Care Decisions

2014-01: Licensing Certification and Registration Verification

2016-01: Medical/Dental Patient Records: Transportation of Paper and Other Media Records

2011-05: Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens – Evaluation and Treatment

2005-14: Photo Identification of Patients

2006-04: Refiling of Claims

2014-06: Retention, Storage, and Disposal/Destruction of Medical Records

2003-25: Use and Disclosure Involving Family and Friends