Police Services

The Police Department is vested with the responsibility of enforcing all laws and regulations of the State of Connecticut and UConn Health, as well as ensuring the constitutional rights of all individuals. Through foot, bicycle and motor vehicle patrols, fixed posts, and closed circuit cameras, the police department works to prevent crime, apprehend violators and protect the staff, students, patients and visitors and their property. Escort services are provided upon request, as well as assistance to motorists who have been locked out of their vehicles.

Police officers are usually in uniform. They are fully trained and equipped with a variety of policing equipment including firearms, two-way radios, batons, handcuffs, pepper spray and ballistic vests. However, the most important and efficient tool at the officers’ disposal is the ability to effectively communicate. Officers are trained to remain calm, investigate to find the core problematic issues, and de-escalate the situations with amicable results.

The officers have various computer systems at their disposal to assist them in their investigations including COLLECT/NCIC (for state and national queries) which is available in the police facility and in their police cruisers through a mobile data terminal (MDT).

The department maintains closed circuit cameras, point specific alarms and access systems. Building fire detection and alarm equipment is monitored. Police, fire and emergency medical services (EMS) are dispatched as necessary.

Most telephone communications with the department are recorded. Prisoner phone calls are not recorded.

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

Download Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

Escort Service

The Police Department provides safety escort services for students, staff and visitors, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week on the main campus at Farmington . This free service is most commonly used during hours of darkness when walking alone to destinations on campus. Escort service can be requested by calling 860.679.2121.

Lost and Found

As a community and as responsible individuals, we are all responsible for turning in items found so they might be returned to their rightful owners. The Police Department maintains a location for individuals to retrieve lost property which has been turned in to our department. You can check for lost items at our Police Dispatch Office located at room LG033.