IV Med Guide and Alaris

IV Medication Guidelines for UConn John Dempsey Hospital

Current Alaris Guardrails for UConn Health

Past Updates for Alaris Guardrails for UConn Health

  • Guardrails Release 12-1-2017 Memo
  • Bolus Off Bag Instructions for Alaris [Available upon Epic go-live]
  • Guardrails UConn 7-7-2017 with the following change: Ketamine for sedation infusion added to UT1-ICU.
  • Guardrails UConn 6-7-2017 with the following changes: Caffeine min/max concentration for NICU, Zidovudine bolus off bag, Procainamide edit.
  • Guardrails UConn 5-19-2017 with following changes/additions: Updates to NICU Module (removed wildcards for DOPamine, DOBUTamine, midazolam, fentanyl, octreotide and sildenafil. FentaNYL soft max bolus rate changed to 0.4mcg/kg/min), Anesthesia library edits, Adjustment of Zoledronic Acid to be in just 100 mL for renally altered doses, Addition of Iron Sucrose 500mg, Calcium Gluconate infusion changed to 10g/500mL, removed Ampho B test dose, Procainamide intermittent infusion added for cath lab, Ocrelizumab infusion added, Ustekinumab infusion added, Ferumoxytol infusion added, RomiDEPsin infusion added, Dexameth/Ondansetron infusion added.
  • Alteplase How-To Instructions for Guardrails (Stroke)
  • Overview of Alaris Guardrails for Staff Pharmacists
  • Contact Ruth Kalish at rkalish@uchc.edu with any requests for changes in the Guardrails library