Aging & Geriatrics

At the UConn Center on Aging, our team of board-certified geriatricians provides specialized and primary care for aging adults. We offer the region’s only multidisciplinary memory assessment and care program and are home to the Powerful Aging exercise program.

We listen to your concerns and coordinate the services needed to lead a healthy and fulfilling life as you age. Patients receive individualized care, looking at the full picture of medical, social, family, and psychological needs. Patients are involved in their own care and treated with kindness and compassion. Visit Center on Aging site.

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“I was not expecting the level of care I received here. It really was very, very above normal from what I’ve seen (in) other hospitals”

— Barbara Ricalzone


A U.S. News and World Report High Performing Hospital

UConn Health Center's John Dempsey Hospital is proud to be named a "high performing" hospital in the care of older patients. Recognized BY US. News and World Report.

Patient Story

Patient Story

Age together. Exercise together. Love together.

Lorry and Marty Clayman of West Hartford have been married 58 years. They met when they were in elementary school and they’ve been pretty much inseparable ever since. They’ve both been participating in the Powerful Aging program at UConn Health for nearly 20 years. The couple credits the program with helping them lead a heart healthy lifestyle. That’s where we caught up with the couple and asked them what their secret is to a long and happy marriage.