Health and Wellness Programs at UConn Health

UConn Health staff practice exercises to do at your desk

Several departments at UConn Health help our employees address physical activity, nutrition, smoking, and psychological well-being. Activities include the Health, Safety and Environmental Fair, held every March; seasonal events like the farmer’s market; and ongoing classes and group or individual activities.

Physical Activity

Our Human Resources Department offers Just Move, a campaign that encourages employees to increase and track their physical activity, with an added incentive of monthly drawings for those who submit their activity logs. For group workouts, there are weekly on-campus sessions of Pilates and Zumba, led by licensed instructors.

If your department has 8 to 10 individuals that would like to exercise together, UConn Health can help. Our certified instructors can create an exercise class just for your group. We offer classes in Yoga, Tai chi, step aerobics, Zumba, Tabata and much more. For further information, call 860-679-2846.

Nutrition and Weight Loss

All campus nutritional services are delivered by Sodexo, which offers a wide selection of healthy choices for food and beverages and labels those items clearly with complete nutritional information. Each label has a bar code that can be captured by a smart phone and uploaded to your account on myFitnessPal – a free service that lets you establish goals for nutrition and weight management and easily track whatever you take in. Sodexo offers all its customers its Mindful website for nutritional information and an opportunity to ask questions of a dietician.

In addition, five times a year, dieticians from our diabetes division offer a Ready to Lose Weight Management Program, which runs for seven one-hour meetings, and a single-session Less Is More course. Fees are nominal. Contact UConnLink at 800-535-6232 or 860-679-7692.

People who find Weight Watchers helpful can attend a group at UConn Health, held every Wednesday at 12:15 p.m. in L1099, the Surgical Conference Room. Contact Linda Wosczyna at or 860-679-3626 for more information.

In the warmer months, watch for farmer’s markets in the food court, where local growers will offer the freshest of produce. These are scheduled by Human Resources’ WorkLife program.

Smoking Cessation

UConn Health is entirely smoke-free, and that alone has helped many people cut down or quit entirely. Smokers who want help quitting can find it right at the health center. Several times a year, our Department of Pulmonary Medicine offers Freedom From Smoking®, a seven-week course with teachers certified by the American Lung Association. To learn when the next class starts, contact UConnLink at 800-535-6232 or 860-679-7692. In addition, UConn Health scientists are working to find more effective ways of helping smokers quit and usually have several research studies in process. To find out whether you are eligible, call 860-372-8418 or 860-550-2507.

Psychological Health

Stress at home or in the workplace has a profound effect on health. The Employee Assistance Program offers consultation, outreach and individual counseling at no cost.

Comprehensive Programs

Sometimes a person needs ongoing intensive coaching that addresses multiple behavioral risks – smoking, nutrition, exercise – and sometimes addressing these is complicated because some chronic condition has already set in. Consider the Lifestyle Medicine Program, an offering of the Calhoun Cardiology Center. Brad Biskup, a physician assistant and certified exercise coach, works with people who have several issues to address at once. Visits are billed to standard health insurance, and the number of visits is determined by each person’s needs. For an appointment, call 860-679-3343.