The Salamanca Experience

Students in Salamanca, SpainThere will be many opportunities for socializing with Spanish students as the University of Salamanca will be in session during the program. Study abroad students will interact with the Ph.D. students in the Institute for Neuroscience who will act as hosts and guides. In addition, there are 15,000 other study abroad students in Salamanca every summer.

Salamanca is one of the most exciting cities in Spain! The Plaza Mayor is perhaps the most beautiful in the country and is the site of concerts, public events, and round-the-clock social gatherings. Students can travel easily from Salamanca to the walled city of Avila (home of the Spanish Inquisition), the museums of Madrid, and the narrow streets of Segovia and Toledo. Portugal is approximately a seventy-five mile drive away.

For 2017

May 20-21 - Arrive in Salamanca; Saturday arrivals will travel to Salamanca together by bus
May 22 - (Monday) - Post-arrival meeting and first day of classes
May 31-June 4 - Prague short course on neuroscience methods
June 22 - (Thursday) - Last day of classes (final exams); farewell party
June 25 - Latest departure from dormitory

Classes are Monday through Thursday of each week.