Room and Board

The University of Salamanca offers dormitory accommodations with a meal plan. You will mix with Spanish students and international students in order to facilitate your immersion into the Spanish language and culture.

After acceptance into the program, you will choose your accommodations and roommate. Both single and double rooms are available. We use several different dormitories in Salamanca due to the large size of our program. Typically, one offers single rooms and one offers double rooms. The specific dormitories may change from one year to the next. We try to use dormitories that have their own kitchen and serve wholesome Spanish cuisine. This allows us to better accommodate special dietary needs.

In 2024, we have reserved single rooms in La Platina, a dorm convenient to the Neuroscience Institute. We also plan to offer rooms in or near the center city which are near the Cursos Internacionales where students study Spanish.

Dormitory in 2024: La Platina