Neuromuscular Diseases

Neuromuscular Clinic

The UConn Health Neuromuscular Clinic provides a variety of services to care for those with disorders of the muscles, nerves and neuromuscular junction. Here you will find resources to help you and your family learn more about the muscle and nerve diseases we treat, and links to make an appointment with one of our fellowship-trained neuromuscular specialists. Our team provides a full spectrum of diagnostic services including electromyography and nerve conduction testing (EMG/NCS), MRI imaging, laboratory and genetic testing, nerve, muscle or skin biopsies, and referrals for physical therapy, orthotic devices or other services if needed. We also have expertise in disorders of the autonomic nervous system that can cause such problems as absence of sweating, blood pressure instability and fainting. We can diagnose such conditions with our complete state-of-the-art Autonomic Disorders Lab.

Please call 1-84-GET-UCONN for more information or request an appointment online.

Matthew Imperioli, M.D.

Matthew Imperioli, M.D.
Assistant Professor