Hand and Wrist

A wide range of daily activities would be difficult without healthy and functioning hands and wrists. This area of the body is very intricate and most vulnerable to injury. Hand and wrist injuries can impact quality of life and have a lasting effect on future function.

The UConn Musculoskeletal Institute’s Hand and Wrist program offers world-class treatment to individuals suffering from all bone and soft-tissue conditions of the hand and wrist. Expert care and innovative interventions are available for patients with conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures of the hand and wrist, tendon and nerve injuries, sports injuries, arthritis of the hand and wrist, and more.

For surgical procedures, the intricate anatomy of the arm and hand frequently requires very delicate surgery, sometimes with microscopic techniques. Our hand and wrist surgeons, Joel V. Ferreira, M.D.Anthony Parrino, M.D., and Craig Rodner, M.D., are fellowship-trained in hand and wrist orthopaedic surgery.

Along with surgery, the UConn Musculoskeletal Institute also offers a Hand Therapy program, through our outpatient rehabilitation department. Care is provided by occupational therapists with specialized training to help patients restore full function and resume normal activities.

Conditions and Treatments


Making Music Again

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