Public Health and Health Policy

The Center for Public Health and Health Policy (CPHHP) is a programmatic, research, and policy center. It is organized as a cross-campus, interdepartmental center reporting to the dean of the School of Medicine.

CPHHP serves to coordinate public health-related activities within the University, and merges public health-related fiscal outlays across the University. CPHHP partners with the Schools of Business, Medicine, Dental Medicine, Nursing, Social Work and Pharmacy; along with the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Neag School of Education. They all partner with CPHHP on several service-learning experiential enrichment programs for graduate students, undergraduates, and the Youth Health Service Corps for high school students through Connecticut Area Health Education Center and Husky Programs. University-community partnerships have been nurtured and developed for many years, and service-learning programs are offered at a variety of community sites throughout Connecticut.