Jason “Cory” Brunson


I'm a mathematician and postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Quantitative Medicine at UConn Health, under the supervision of Reinhard Laubenbacher. My academic background is in projective and algebraic geometry, and my current primary interests are network science, scientometry, geometric data analysis, and health informatics.


J. C. Brunson (2015) "Triadic analysis of affiliation networks". Network Science 3(4): 480–508.

J. C. Brunson, S. Fassino, A. McInnes, M. Narayan, B. Richardson, C. Franck, P. Ion, R. Laubenbacher (2014) "Evolutionary events in a mathematical sciences research collaboration network". Scientometrics 99(3): 973–998.


Ph.D., Mathematics: Virginia Tech, 2013
Advisor: Mark Shimozono
Thesis: Matrix Schubert varieties for the affine Grassmannian

M.S., Mathematics: Virginia Tech, 2005
Advisor: Dan Farkas
Thesis: On Projective Planes & Rational Identities


Review: There is much to be gained from cross-disciplinary collaboration, particularly at new interfaces of mathematics with sociology, (human) biology, and medicine. As the history of network science illustrates, however, there is much to be lost as well, through unfamiliarity and neglect of prior research by recent transplants to a discipline (see J. Scott and P. J. Carrington's Introduction to the SAGE Handbook of Social Network Analysis) or through tensions between different communities' views of what is normal or expected (see E. F. Keller's essay "Revisiting scale-free networks"). As an unexpected discipline-trekker, I feel especially responsible for building on existing foundations wherever possible.


My offsite professional website will be linked to shortly! In the meantime, you can find me at ResearchGate, on the arXiv, and on GitHub.