Help Desk

What services are available from Enterprise IT Operations?

Please review the product and services information.

How can I get help building an application or database?

Please check with the Enterprise IT Systems.

How do I request new service?

Please email or call the Help Desk 860-679-4400.

How can I find out hardware and software prices?

For printer and computer hardware, visit computer purchase and support plans. For software, visit buy software. The Help Desk is also available to assist. Call 860-679-4400.

How do I order new hardware (PC, Mac, printer)?

Please review the computer purchase and support webpage or call the Help Desk at 860-679-4400.

What software is available?

Please check the buy software webpage.

How do I order or update software?

Email or call the Help Desk 860-679-4400 for assistance.

How can I get a network port activated?

Visit the Network Access and Port Connection information page or call the Help Desk at 860-679-4400 for assistance.

How do I contact and find out more about the Help Desk?

Visit the Help Desk webpage or call 860-679-4400.

How do I check on a work order?

Please call the Help Desk at 860-679-4400.

How do I check on a purchase?

Please email

How do I escalate a problem?

Please visit the Help Desk webpage for escalation information.

What are the response times for work orders?

Response times for work orders are dependent upon the magnitude of the request. Most common requests and their response times are as follows:

  • Create new system accounts: 3 days upon receipt of manager approval
  • Deliver new computer: 5 days once IT receives computer from West Dock
  • Deliver 5 or more new computers: 20 days once IT receives computers from West Dock

What are the response times for reported incidents (Help Desk)?

Please review the Help Desk webpage.

Who do I contact for IT Billing questions?

Please email

Who do I contact to have my pc fixed?

Please call the Help Desk at 860-679-4400.

Where can I access the latest version of Symantec Endpoint Protection (Antivirus)?

Please visit the Research IT webpage.