We offer a variety of pagers and features as summarized below. To order pager service, please complete the Pager Request Form. Please call if you need assistance with your order and for the most current plans and pricing.

Paging Services and Price Plans


Description and Features

Numeric Pagers

Numeric Pager

Displays a telephone number or numeric message (up to 20 characters) on the device screen. The device emits an audible beep (or vibration) alert when a message is received.

Supports voicemail where the sender can leave a voice mail message and the pager will alert you that you have a message.

Alpha-Numeric Pagers

Alpha Numeric Pager

Displays numeric messages and text messages to the device. Messages can be up to 200 characters each. Text messages can be sent via or through Outlook with an individual paging address.

Information (news, weather, stock quotes, etc.) updates sent directly to the device are also available.

In-house Pagers

In House Pager

Voice Pager: The voice pager service records up to 8 minutes of voice message for playback.

Digital Pager: The digital pager displays the number to call.

Tone Pager: The tone pager sends an audible alert.

Coaster Pagers

Coaster Pager

Beeps, vibes and flashes when it receives a page to alert the family member or patient that they need to report back to their respective clinic.

Operator Dispatch

Available only for text pagers. The sender can leave a message with an operator who will then dispatch the message to the user. The user will be paged with the text message. Service coverage is as follows:

Local: Connecticut, Massachusetts

Extended: Maine to New Jersey

Nationwide service: entire United States

Nationwide service per region: Northwest, Northeast or Central