Data and Software Quality Services

Data Services

Database Services consists of three distinct teams that each provide services related to the creation, management, and use of data and databases for UConn Health:

  • Database Modeling and Design. If you have a need to create a new database – such as for a new application or for reporting – the Database Modeling team can help you to design and to build one. The team will work with you to determine the data requirements to support your business needs, and it will design and create an effective database that will allow you to use data accurately and efficiently. The Database Modeling team is also responsible for designing and creating any programming code, known as ETL code, that may be required to obtain existing data from other sources for your databases.
  • Database Administration. The Database Administration (DBA) team is responsible for the installation, configuration, and maintenance of databases used by various software applications. Specializing in Microsoft SQL Server and ORACLE databases, the DBA team monitors databases for performance and capacity and is responsible for ensuring that performance problems are resolved. Depending upon the application, the team may also be responsible for the administration of user IDs, passwords, and other security-related measures that protect its database(s).
  • Reporting. The reporting team can help you create, or create for you, reports and queries from a variety of application databases in use at UConn Health – such as IDX, DSS, and Banner, among many others. The Reporting team also provides technical and administrative support for our two supported reporting tools, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and WebFOCUS.)

Software Quality Services

The Software Quality Services team provides support for software development and/or implementation efforts of any size and scale, from a single report to an enterprise-class software application.  At any or all stages of software development – from requirements gathering through application testing and documentation – the team will work with you to ensure that the software you receive and use meets your exact requirements with an absolute minimum of defects and errors.

Support Requests

All requests for production issue resolution assistance should be directed to our IT Help Desk at 679-4400. They will open a support ticket and contact the appropriate IT support staff.

If you have any other type of service support need, please contact the noted team lead contact or the Director of Data and Software Quality Services.