Application Development

Application Development

The Application Development Team provides custom applications, UConn Health SharePoint and Website ( support for every arm of the institution including Administrative Services, Academic (SOM, SODM), Clinical (UMG, JDH), and Research.

Our development platform is Microsoft based and our portfolio of custom applications ranges from small, single user applications to departmental solutions to enterprise applications. As part of project initiation, we will explore if there are existing applications in-house or vendor application available to meet the customer need before we undertake a custom development project.

If you have a new project or enhancement idea, please contact the Director of Application Development.


We provide platform support for the UConn Health SharePoint environment.  In addition to supporting the underlying technical environment, we provide training and support to Site Administrators out in the UConn Health community to help them manage and customize their SharePoint sites.

If you are interested in utilizing the UConn Health SharePoint environment, please contact the IT Help Desk (x4400) to submit your request.

Web Services

If you are in need of a new website, please visit Multimedia Services Web Production for more information.

Data Analytics and Reporting

We can help you create, or create for you, reports and queries from a variety of application databases in use at UConn Health – such as IDX, DSS, MYUCONNHealth and Banner, among many others. For ad hoc requests for patient data, please use our Patient Information Release Form.