Data Storage


IT provides server based files shared storage for individuals, work groups and departments. These fileshares are backed up nightly, so they make an ideal solutions for protecting your data against loss due to a a crashed or downed system. You can also access your fileshare from any computer with proper login. Cost is $25/month for 10 GB. To request a fileshare, please contact the Help Desk.

High Capacity Storage (HCS)

In a joint collaboration between IT and the Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling (CCAM), we have made available to the UConn Health research community a high performance, fault tolerant data storage system. This system currently has a capacity of 203 TB and is scalable as the needs of the research community grow. The storage includes a public folder where researchers can store files quickly but temporarily and upon request we can set up private folders with controlled access. There are currently no user quotas or charges for use by any research faculty or staff. The system should not be used to store any data that fall under HIPAA regulations. To get your fileshare, please contact Research IT.