IT Forms

ADS Patient Data Requests (formerly ADS Requests)

As of January 1, 2020, there is a new electronic form to request ad hoc requests for patient data from our clinical systems. This new ADS patient Data Request Form is a fillable PDF with Digital Signatures. Please reference these Instructions for information on how to work with Digital Signatures.

Please note the policies regarding the release of patient data have been updated to reflect the more stringent requirements outlined by HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) which further protects the use and disclosure of patient identifiable information.

All releases of protected health information (PHI) or personally identifiable information (PPI) will be accompanied by the following Confidentiality Reminder:

IT Project Requests

New project request should be submitted using our online portal Project Management Office. These requests will go through and assessment to determine scope of work, budget and implementation time. If you have questions, please contact the IT Project Management Office Director, John Virkler at 860-679-2314 or

UAR Online Request

Complete the UAR online request to create, modify, or revoke accounts for network, email, IDX, Siemens or to request remote access for new and existing employees, vendors, etc. at UConn Health and its affiliated providers.

Only UConn Health employees have access to UAR.

Help and FAQs are available from within the UAR application.

Cell Phone Request

Cell Phone Request Form

Complete this form to request a new cell phone device or service.

Pager Request

Pager Request Form

Complete this form to request a new pager or paging service.

Telephone Directory Update

To update information, email your changes to Directory Updates.