Secure Email

Encrypt/Secure Emails

Encryption is a useful feature for sending and receiving private and confidential information. An encrypted message secures the content and any attachments sent with the email. Encryption is especially useful where messages contain confidential information.

How To

When using the UConn Health Microsoft Outlook Email System to send confidential information you MUST include [Secure] (the brackets and the word) either in the subject line (preferred) or in the body of the email. This will trigger the UConn Health email system to electronically secure this message. The alternative is to click the padlock in the Outlook message ribbon.

Securing your email messages ensures that the message is sent encrypted across the Internet. It is possible to intercept and read messages sent in unencrypted format or clear-text as it is sometimes called.

Screen shot showing how to secure an email
Screen shot showing how to secure an email